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All India Radio, Kota, is playing pivotal role in Hadauti Region. All India Radio, Kota covers geographically Kota, Baran, Bundi and Jhalawar districts of Hadauti Region. Near about 40 lac people of the region benefitted by the educational, informational and entertaining programs.

Its 1kW MW transmitter with morning and evening transmissions, covers a region of nearly 60km radius geographical boundaries whereas 20kW MW transmitter which aired afternoon, covers up to 200km radius geographically.

In such a situation advertisement over All India Radio, Kota may be very useful to advertisers. All India Radio, Kota provides facility to advertisers in its programs. Keeping in view of the above facts and composition of the programs, programs are divided in to three categories, rates and terms and conditions of the advertisement on All India Radio, Kota are as follows-

Advertisement Rates at All India Radio, Kota

(I)- Any programme can be upgraded in programme category at the discretion of the Station Director in consultation with the CBS Director and under intimation to Director of Sales, CSU, AIR Mumbai. (II)- Any interactive/Phone-in program of any Chief Minister to be broadcast on a regular basis will attract 50% more than the sponsored programme rate of category-1 of that station. A programme more than 60 mts. should not be permitted. (Guidelines for broadcast of such programmes circulated vide Order No. 21/36/2004-P I dated 27.1.2005 may be strictly adhered to.

I - Spot(advertisement) buy rates in Indian Rupees for 10sec base time duration

Program Category




I - Film Music / Album Music /Listeners Choice and similar programs




II - All spoken word programmes and other music programmes and similar programs






  • Service Tax @ 10.3% or otherwise applicable, will be charged extra.


II - Sponsorship of In-House programs of All India Radio, Kota

All India Radio, Kota provides facility to its advertisers to sponsor its own programs produced in house and scheduled daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Free Commercial Time (FCT) will be provided to advertise their products or services with each sponsor ship according to the duration sponsored. Programs may be sponsored for the duration of 30 Min and multiples thereof. RATE FOR SPONSOPSHIP OF IN HOUSE PROGRAMME OF 30 MTS. DURATION WITH FCT 120 SECONDS and Rates for SPONSORED PROGRAMME of 15mts, 10mts and 5mts. duration with FCT 60 seconds, 40 seconds & 20 seconds respectively as follows-

Facility to Name-brand the program is also available for example one of our program 'Namaskar Kota', broadcasted daily may be Name-branded for your company like '(Your Company Name) Namaskar Kota', at an additional cost of 20% of the sponsorship rate.

Advertisers are also encouraged to sponsor our 'Health', 'Rural' and other 'Special Audience' programs.

Rates for sponsorship of programs in Indian Rupees and Terms & conditions are as follows -

Program Category



5 Min

10 Min

15 Min

30 Min

I - Film Music / Album Music /Listeners Choice and similar programs





II Folk Music,Youth Program, Namaskar Kota, Hello Doctor, Chaupal, Women's Program







(For Spot-Buys)
1. Rate for more duration of spots (restricted upto 60 seconds) will be calculated on pro-rata basis and rounded off to nearest rupee.
2. Time check of 7 seconds duration allowed, but will be charged as 10 seconds ordinary spot.
3. 25% extra for fixed time spot.

(For Sponsorship of In-House Programmes)
1. In a 30 minutes programme, 20% i.e. 360 Sec. can be utilized for commercials. For other duration of in house programme, the Rate and FCT will be calculated on pro-rata basis and rounded off to the nearest rupee.
2. The total commercial time can be utilised by a combination of multiple sponsorships (maximum 3) and spot-buys. The first position in the credit line would be allotted to the Sponsor who confirms first.
3. Associate sponsorship of 90 seconds FCT will be available on pro-rata basis.
4. 20% extra for branding and presenting status.
5. Opening & Closing credit lines would be free. Each client would be entitled for 5 Sec. credit line including punch line.
  • FCT for 15Min and 30Min Sponsorship is 60 Sec and 120 Sec respectively
  • Service Tax @ 10.3% or otherwise applicable, will be charged extra.


III - Classified Commercials & Greeting Messages

Classified commercial of spoken words may also be broadcasted at All India radio, Kota. Rates for first 15(fifteen) words are Rs.200 and Rs.30 per additional word.

IV - Time Check Spot

Time check Spot of duration of 7 (Seven) Sec duration is available at a charge of 10sec Spot buy rate.


  • 15% to Central and State Government Departments.
  • 15% to Public Sector Undertakings / Autonomous Bodies
  • 10% for private clients and SSI Units.
  • 50% for spots on AIDS, cancer, blood/eye/kidney donation, leprosy, TB, Dengue, Malaria and other similar epidemics etc.


  • Admissible Service Tax will be charged on the Net Amount.
  • The above concessions are available to those clients who book their business directly with All India Radio and not through any Advertising Agency.
  • No other concession will be allowed on availing the above 50% concession. The above concession is not allowed with News, Sports Commentary

Other Facilities

AIR can take up production work for spots/sponsored programmes.
Note: Spots/Jingles less than 30 seconds duration will not be undertaken for production. However, on demand from clients, it can be produced in two parts making a total of 30 seconds duration. Rates for Spots / Jingles more than 30 seconds will be charged as 60 seconds.

Sponsored Programme Duration 15 Mts. INR 10000/-
Special prog./ dial-in/ dial-out Duration 30 Mts. INR 20000/-

The broadcast fee will be charged in addition to the above production fee.
1. No concession/commission is given on production charges.
2. Though the programme is produced by AIR, Sponsored Programmes rates will be charged for the broadcast.
3. Applicable service tax to be charged on production fee as well as on broadcast fee.
4. A Sponsor is entitled for free opening & closing credit lines of 5 sec. each in addition to FCT.
5. A maximum of 15 Mts. Sponsored Programme will be allowed.

Booking for all Rajasthan/India network is also available through All India Radio, Kota.

For further details and enquiries advertisers may contact directly at All India Radio, Kota on any working day in office hours (between 10:00am to 06:00pm) to -

Programme Executive (Commercial) or Head of Programmes,

All India Radio,
Jhalawar Road,Nayapura,
Kota(Rajasthan)-324009 INDIA


More detailed Rate Chart for Advertisement on ALL INDIA RADIO with effect from Feb 2013 may be seen/downloaded here

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