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All India Radio started it's Kota station as a Local Radio Station(LRS), with a single transmission in the morning hours on 4th of January in year 1987 through 1 kiloWatts transmitter, on Medium Wave frequency band on 189.39 meter bands i.e. at 1584 kilo Hertz ferquency, which follows a composite programming mix to cater the needs of entire region of 'Hadauti'.

Later after a few years, on popular demands, transmission extended to relay Vividh Bharti programs in the evening and day time also. Now beside the Vividh Bharati programs, local programs are also being broadcasted in all three sessions of our regular broadcasts.

Kota AIR station was upgraded to 20 kiloWatts transmitter on Medium Wave frequency band on 212.31 meter bands i.e. at 1413 kilo Hertz ferquency in year 2006, but only the day time transmission was extended to this transmitter due to certain internal reasons mainly inadquate technical staff position.

All India Radio, Kota is the public service broadcasting channel of AIR, we put out infotainment programmes with the objective of enriching the lives of our listeners on this Channel. We also promote art and culture with a major emphasis on Indian classical & folk music. Around 40 percent of total broadcast on our channel comprises music which includes classical music, light, folk, film and music of local languages and dilects. News and current affairs programmes constitute 10 to 15 percent of the broadcast time. Radio plays and drama, health and family programmes, programmes on women and children, farm and home programmes aimed at empowering rural masses are the other important segments of our Channels. Our channel being the most accessible of all the radio channels, strive to reach their audience in the language most understood by all i.e. Hindi!

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General Data

All India Radio, Kota
Location -Studio : Jhalawar Road, Nayapura, Kota
Transmitter - 1 kiloWatt : Co-sited
Transmitter - 20 kiloWatt : Kaithun Road, Ummedganj, Kota
Region -Hadauti Region of Rajasthan
Program Language -Hindi, Hadauti
Covered Area -Mainly Kota, Baran, Bundi, partly Jhalawar, Chittorgarh Distt.
Day tarnsmission covers even more other districts of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh
Covered Poulation -more than 35 Lacs, Day transmission reaches around 80 Lacs population.
Coverage -up to 60 km radius
Staff(Current position) -Technical      : 10
Program        : 8
Admininstration : 8

Technical Data

Transmitter - 1kW Harris SX-1
Commissioned On -04 Jan. 1987
Operating Frequency -1584 kHz
Frequency Band -Medium Wave
Meters -189.39 meters
Coverage -up to 60 km radius
Frequency Response -Almost Flat on entire Audio Range
Distortion -less than 0.6% at 100% Modulation
Noise Level -(-)72 dBm
Antenna/Mast -Self supporting umbrella type, Height 21.2 meters
Broadcast Time -05:55 Hrs to 09:30 Hrs
17:00 Hrs to 23:10 Hrs
Transmitter - 20kW Harris DX-20
Commissioned On -02 Oct. 2006
Operating Frequency -1413 kHz
Frequency Band -Medium Wave
Meters -212.31 meters
Coverage -up to 200 km radius
Frequency Response -Almost Flat on entire Audio Range
Distortion -less than 0.3% at 100% Modulation
Noise Level -(-)72 dBm
Antenna/Mast -Self Radiating/Height 100 meters
Program Source -

Microwave Studio Transmitter Link

Alternat Sources :

Telephone line

Broadcast Time -12:00 Hrs to 15:00 Hrs


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