Citizens' Charter

(At a glance)

AIR is committed to:

  • be an exemplary Public Service Broadcaster,
  • uphold and strengthen democratic and secular values,
  • promote national integration and harmony,
  • inform, educate, entertain, enrich and empower people,
  • become a powerful tool of social transformation,
  • fight with social evils and strengthen social justice,
  • provide timely, updated, objective and comprehensive news and views,
  • provide a balanced insight on Indian thought, institutions and culture,
  • become a truly national broadcaster by covering 100% of the population,
  • achieve international standards in programme content and signal quality,
  • encourage international co-operation,
  • have a global reach through internet services and use state of art technology,
  • cover at present about 99.14 % population and 91.79 % area of the country with 231 Broadcasting Centres and 372 Terrestrial Transmitters including 170 FM transmitters in 24 language & 146 dialects nationally. AIR signals also reach externally to about 108 countries in 27 languages (11 national & 16 foreign).
  • increase transparency and accountability of its functioning by leveraging technology and through effective use of websites/internet technology.
  • acknowledge all complaints within 7 days and reply within 30 days approximately

Detailed version of All India Radio Citizens' Charter

Right To Information

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